Your donations are being spent on:

We have spent time distributing supplies in local refugee centers and driving down the Polish-Ukrainian border. The list below shows a few examples of where we have been focusing our humanitarian efforts:
Donations for Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
β€’ Generators
β€’ Sleeping bags and matts
β€’ Blankets
β€’ Medical supplies

Donations for Poland πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±
β€’ Food (hot meals and non-perishables)
β€’ Medical supplies
β€’ Portable phone chargers
β€’ Toiletries (Tooth brushes, deodorant, feminine products, etc)
β€’ Hand warmers
β€’ Socks and underwear
β€’ Toys and candy for children


Team Ukraine Love is a collaborative effort between Yes Theory and Adventurers 4 Change to aid refugees in Poland displaced by the crisis in Ukraine. Led by Max Rantz-McDonald and Victoria Umanska, this humanitarian effort is focused on providing immediate aid to those in need, and transparency to those who support the cause. We are currently working out of Warsaw, Poland, supporting refugee centers around the city and making daily trips out to the border with Ukraine.

Team Ukraine Love is centered around finding out what people need, figuring out how we can provide it, and then mobilizing these efforts as quickly as possible. This has included providing food, toiletries, clothing, therapy, generators, and lodging. We're on the ground meeting the people who need help and with your money will buy them what they need TODAY.

Peace for Ukraine, Unity for the World.

Team Ukraine Love